"Discover The 7-Step Massage Ads Checklist That I Used To Grow My Business From 0 Up To 75 Appointments Per Week - In Only 5 Months"

Then up to 207 bookings 12 months later...

And now bounce back from lockdown and have our 9 therapists booked out solid again.

Hi, my name is Kurt Simpson... massage business owner, and 'accidental' marketing expert (which I'll explain more about in the video below).
In the video I'm also going to share with you how I went from nearly closing the doors to my business...

(and probably spending more money on brooms to sweep all the tumbleweeds out, than on massage lotion)

...All due to struggling to get clients through the door...

...To growing a team of 10 therapists and having them booked out solid within 18 months... all thanks to figuring out a brand new system for building social media massage ads that now brings us in a constant flow of clients on demand.
(Below is part of our now very busy team at the salon, and my super-mum wife Catherine.)
In the video training below I'm giving you my 7-Step Ads Checklist which I created, and use for my massage salon to build highly profitable online marketing campaigns which bring our business in a minimum of 5 brand new, high quality clients every single day.

This means that we don't have to waste any more time doing outdated and  ineffective, (yet commonly taught) marketing methods, such as:

- Doing free chair massages at events
- Going to networking events such as BNI and Chamber Of Commerce
- Handing out business cards to everyone
- Flyers and mail-outs
- Newspaper and magazine ads
- Groupon and Yelp ads
- Posting randomly on social media every day
- Doing a great job and hoping for referrals
See, over the last few years the combination of the large number of new therapists who have become qualified, together with the rapid rise of massage chains, has meant that old methods of getting clients which worked in the past, aren't nearly as effective today.

This forced me to develop my own online massage marketing methods... 

So I put everything I knew about running ads for my gym and some other businesses to the test and started trying out ads.

At the start I failed a lot, and wasted thousands of dollars on ads that didn't work... but eventually I started to see small improvements.

Eventually after putting together lessons from over 30 failed ad attempts, along with identifying common elements and patterns from my most successful campaigns, I now have a checklist which I use to build highly profitable online ads, which has seen my business boom...

As you will see with a screenshot of my booked out appointment calendar in the video...
Also, I am well aware that a lot of therapists have tried online marketing with no results, but as I'm going to reveal, when social media ads are done how I do them, they can deliver new clients faster, easier, and for much better value than any other form of marketing out there in 2024...

So if you have the desire to help more clients' bodies feel better and know you are amazing at your craft, but just need to get customers to try you out so you can show them...

...Or your business is doing ok but you want to take your income to the next level with hiring more staff and expanding... but you need more effective and profitable forms of marketing...

Then my 7-Step ads checklist which I'm going to share in the video below (and the special offer after it) could make this the most valuable page you have ever come across.


- Kurt
Once You've Watched The Video Above...

Apply To Join The '7 New Massage Clients In 7 Days' Program

For Just $1 

(Special offer Still Available For A Short Time)
Copy & Paste My Social Media ads to grow your massage business, just as I did, Going from 0 to 75 appointments in a week in my 2-room Salon, then expanding and booking out our new 7-treatment room location soon after.
Here Are Some Results From Members Of The Program...
Carolyn from Illinois who performs deep tissue and Swedish relaxation massage, booked 6 new clients and had 20 potential more only one day after posting her first ad.
Randi from Wisconsin who performs therapeutic, prenatal massages and cupping had an incredible response only 24 hours after posting her first ad from the program.
Stephanie from California who performs deep tissue and sports massage was pretty happy getting 61 new client leads in only 2 weeks...
Claire from the UK who exclusively performs Swedish relaxation and aromatherapy had only just been qualified less than 2 months and got new 44 bookings in one month of the program.
Natalie from Alberta, Canada got 15 new bookings in the first day of her ad!
And below are a lot more stunning success stories from members from different countries around the world (Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the US, UK and Canada).
This system has also been proven to work in many other countries around the world including all throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, Africa, Asia, South America, the UAE and others. I am only promoting this system to countries where I know it works so if you are seeing this then it works in your country.
What will participants get from this 7-Day Program:
✅ COPY AND PASTE ONE OF MY BEST ADS that is delivering new clients for our massage business right now.

✅ 2 BONUS ADS to use for both BEFORE and AFTER you come out of lockdown so you're booked up as soon as you re-open, like Joel did.
Step by step video walkthroughs of how to set up every aspect of your ad from how to create attention grabbing images, to the exact wording, to the correct ad objective and a unique offer that is going to bring in a flood of clients.

✅ Use my massage businesses world class follow up procedures and scripts to get the maximum number of bookings through the door and onto the massage table.

Full high-level training on rebooking customers and turning them into long term clients.

✅ The outcome will be a MINIMUM 7 new clients in 7 days (when I ran the ad which I'm sharing in the program at my salon, we got 35 new clients in 7 days).

✅ Each client will be worth anywhere between $50-$60 (even if they only visit once) to over $1000 (If you are great at what you do and turn them into a regular client).

✅ Works for all types of massage from Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, remedial, sports massage, hot stones, pregnancy and more
After I get enough testers the 7 Clients In 7 Days Program will go up to $199.
If you are reading this page, then that means that the special offer is still available for a limited time.

Have a look at the video below where I show you our real results from the ad which I am sharing in the 7 clients program.
***Also As A Bonus, When You Register For The'7 Clients In 7 Days' Program For $1, I'm Going To Include Trial Access To The ‘The Massage Therapist Success Academy’

Here Is What Else Is Included:
➡️Monthly new trainings on successful massage advertising and marketing methods (including social media ads, getting more referrals, setting up cross promotion Joint Ventures with other businesses, how to get past clients back in, and more.)

➡️Dramatically increasing your re-booking rate to turn new appointments into long term clients

➡️Strategies for reducing appointment no shows

➡️Professional follow up scripts to turn new customer leads into appointments 

➡️How to deliver world class customer service including the secrets that turn our first time customers into loyal long term clients and have them telling their friends and family about us

➡️How to get a genuine flood of 5-star reviews to boost your business credibility

➡️How to professionally set up a room that impresses clients (I paid a professional interior decorator $100 for an interview where she goes over everything)

➡️Done-for-you daily social media posts for your business page to save you time

➡️Done-for-you weekly client emails to save you more time

➡️How to book out your calendar weeks in advance in the shortest possible time

➡️Mindset trainings for success 

➡️Regular guest expert trainings on business, marketing and delivering better results for your clients

➡️Weekly Q & A's (video calls and answering questions inside the online support group)

➡️How to find and keep staff who are going to keep your clients happy and make your life easier, how to systemise your business to create freedom, copy and paste my professional massage business manual

➡️And more...

Here Is A Look Inside The Membership Area:
**It is important to note that out of fairness to those who act first, we can only allow one therapist or massage business per city or town to have access to the ads and lessons in the program. Whoever has them will have a huge competitive advantage over other therapists in their area and won't have to compete with other salons.

Those who get in first will have marketing so advanced and effective that they will end up taking clients from other therapists, salons and clinics.

Once you are in the program I'll ask where your business is located. If the location is already taken we will provide a full refund.
***Note: This is not a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. While members of the program have multiple bookings per day coming in within a few days of joining, it still takes time to build a great business and get proficient at booking clients in, getting them to show up, delivering great massages for those clients, and then rebooking them... along with many other parts to building a great business.

Some therapists are already experienced in many of these skills before joining, while some need to gain some more experience with many aspects to running a successful massage business.

For that reason even though there are no lock in time-frame this is expected to be a 6-12 month program, which is enough time to get fully booked out at premium rates or even hire other therapists and book them out so you can have more freedom and income.
BETA TESTERS PRICE AVAILABLE NOW: $1 for 7 days, then $29.99 per week (the $19.99 special price has now ended). Cancel when you want to stop learning about marketing and business or if don't get the results you expected.

Register below while this special offer is still available.
 Complete The Order Form Below And Receive Instant Access To The '7 New Massage Clients In 7 Days' Ads Program, As Well As The Massage Therapist Success Academy, All For For Just $1

After The 7 Day Trial The Regular Price Is $29.99 Per Week. Members Can Cancel When they want to stop learning or If The Program Doesn't Live Up To The Promises With No Lock In Time Frame
**Please Only Join If You Are Serious About Growing Your Business Over The Next 6-12 Months, And Have Time To Commit To Start This Week And Work On The Program Over The Next 7 Days.
7-Day Money Back Guarantee
If after following the exact steps laid out in the program you don't get at least 7 new clients in 7 days I will happily refund you your $1 with no questions asked PLUS give you $100 for wasting your time!
Secure Payment
All orders are through Stripe's secure PCI Service Provider Level 1 network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
$1 for 7 days, then $29.99USD per week (cancel any time)
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Your order is 100% Secured
 Here Are Some MORE Results From Members Of The Program
Natasha from Scotland in the UK got 7 bookings and 6 more interested in less than 1 day!
In 2 days Kelly from Tasmania who owns a 4 room massage clinic in Australia got 13 new bookings and is on the way to completely filling up her therapists hours
Veronica from Portland Oregon had spent money on social media ads before with no success until she found my program.
April from Maine also seems pretty happy with her results from the course. :)
And there are many more...
a Final Word From Me...
If you're anything like I was when I opened my first business 5 years ago, you might have come across the realisation by now that succeeding as an entrepreneur and trying to build your client base can be a lot harder than you originally thought...
Especially in 2024 with how fast the marketing side of the industry is changing, as well as there being a higher level of competition from more therapists and massage businesses around than any other time in history. 

I know first hand that it takes courage to make a leap to start a new career working for ourselves, or starting a new business. But we do it because we want to help more people, we believe we are amazing at what we do, and we also want more freedom and income for our family than is available working for someone else...

But we quickly realise that being highly skilled at massage is only one small part of being a successful entrepreneur.

There are a completely new sets of skills to learn such as marketing, social media, sales, re-bookings, reducing no-shows, connecting with other businesses, delivering great customer service, choosing the right business software, finances, mindset, building systems, leadership, handling staff, and more...

And what is unfair is that you are taught none of these when you study for your massage qualifications. 

I find it incredibly frustrating that massage colleges leave their graduates so underprepared to truly succeed in the industry.

And that is why I created the Massage Therapist Success Academy!

It took me 5 years, hundreds of failures, many lessons and a small fortune invested in the worlds best mentors & coaches to learn what I have put together in this academy which therapists can get for a few dollars.

I attribute most of mine and my wife's success in our business to always making sure I paid (and still pay) others to keep up to date with the latest ever-changing marketing and business strategies, which has allowed us to stay ahead of the pack.

Also, having the best people in the industry along with other likeminded entrepreneurs to learn from, guide us and to be able to bounce ideas off and ask questions when business problems came up definitely made the sometimes lonely and stressful life as business owner a whole lot easier.

Investing in courses and mentors and having their roadmap to success to follow gave me both the belief that I could actually reach my goals of helping more people and providing a better life for my family, as well as saved me years in getting there, while at the same time helped me avoid tens of thousands of dollars of common mistakes I've seen others make.

The Massage Therapist Success Academy is for success-minded massage entrepreneurs who want to be the top therapist or business their area. It is for those who are committed to building an incredible business over time that makes a positive impact in their community, is highly profitable and also delivers them the freedom to allow them to spend more quality time with their family.

But I want to be clear... this not a get rich quick scheme... although it is a shortcut. But it will only work for those who want to be the best and are willing to invest in themselves. 

If that is you then I'm excited to have you as a part of this incredible group and program, and am looking forward to seeing you on the inside.


- Kurt

P.s. I know joining any new program can feel daunting, but with the $1 trial currently still available, and the money back guarantee you literally have nothing to lose. If you follow the steps in the course and don't get the results you expected then you can cancel at any time before or after the trial ends and goes to the $29.99/week regular price. 

I'm looking to help people who want to grow their business properly over time, but there is no lock in time frame if you don't think it's worth it.

P.p.s. If you are doing the maths to see if this is worth it, after the $1 trial the regular investment of $29.99 per week works out to less than $4 per day (around the price of one coffee!). Members only need to gain 1-2 new ongoing clients to completely pay for the program. And with new members of this course getting at least 15 new clients in the FIRST WEEK alone this is a no-brainer deal!!
Step 1:
Use the button below to be directed to the order form which will allow you to claim your Beta Tester special offer of $1 for the '7 Massage Clients In 7 Days Program' while the offer is still available.
Step 2:
Once your order is completed, on the next page you will be given immediate access to the 7 clients in 7 days program as well as the Massage Therapist Success Academy.
Step 3:
By following the program, implementing the lessons inside the Success Academy, and getting support from myself and others inside the private online group, you can expect a constant flow of new clients, and the knowledge to build a successful massage business that has the potential to generate a minimum extra $50k-$100k per year of income.
Step 4: 
Continue learning from regular new training modules and lessons from other top massage professionals on how to keep improving your business through delivering better results for your clients, increasing your income and having more freedom... all for $29.99 per week after the $1, 7-day trial. Cancel any time if the program doesn't live up the promises with no lock in time frame.
Email: customerservice@massagebusinessgrowth.com

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